Staying heart-healthy |

Staying heart-healthy

Dear Editor:I appreciated seeing Scott Condon’s Wednesday article (“Doctor: Fitness is a fallacy in heart attack risk,” July 12) on the importance of early screening for heart disease – even for those who consider themselves physically fit. In 1996, I was physically fit (What has happened since then? Oy – don’t ask) and a nonsmoker, and certainly did not expect at the time to be the victim of a heart attack at just age 23.Because of the relative lack of awareness about heart disease among young people, I’m sometimes embarrassed to explain why the heart attack occurred; usually when I mention I had a heart attack at 23, I hastily add, “And no, it wasn’t like I was on coke or anything …” One of the root causes for me was an abnormally high cholesterol level – a root cause that is determined more by heredity and diet than by physical fitness. Everyone should heed Dr. Gerson’s call for regular cholesterol testing, regardless of how healthy you look.Jeremy Simon Carbondale

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