Staying below the radar |

Staying below the radar

Dear Editor:I just felt compelled to write. After reading your article on celebs who come to Aspen and the paparazzi who “hound” them (“Paparazzi perplexing the public,” Dec. 30) I have to point out a couple of things.1) J-Lo has brought this on herself. She was alone, no one bothered her, but when she traipsed through town in 5-inch-high shoes and a nine-person entourage, she was chased and bothered. She needs to leave the heels and the entourage at home to not bring attention to herself. Why has she even come to Aspen? Does she ski? I think she came to Aspen primarily for the reason she is so upset about, TO BE SEEN. Without the paparazzi, who is this woman? A woman who wears fur and occasionally sings and acts. With publicists and the paparazzi, she has turned herself into a household name and product. Is it so tough to stand there and smile, let them get the shot and then continue on?2) I have been a property owner in Snowmass for years and since 1990 have spent Christmas and New Year’s here. Last year I ran into Kate Moss, alone with her daughter browsing on Cooper Avenue. NO ONE was bothering her. Tabloids reported her being here, but she did not bring unnecessary attention to herself. She was here to enjoy the snow. Mariah? How many years in a row have we seen her posed outside some shop in a miniskirt and Dior boots? She gets it … you stand there, let them get their money shot, and it is over. No need to be overly dramatic about it. If you are in show business like these women, it is part of their job to stand there for a picture.3) Paparazzi isn’t going away. Nor should they. They have proven themselves to be nonexistent as long as you don’t bring attention to yourself. This is applicable in all locales. Aspen, like it or not, is a flashy little Beverly Hills in the mountains. I am hard pressed to find as many restiline-enhanced lips and botoxed faces as I do when I spend time here, and I live in La Jolla, Calif.! I realize the “soul” of Aspen is NOT that, but this is what Aspen is associated with now. I know of no other ski towns where I can go buy a Louis Vuitton purse and some Gucci to go. Celebs come here to be seen and photographed. Period. I do not have sympathy for them.I do however feel for the photographers, who are not breaking the law, and who are trying to make a living. No one is chasing cars driving at 100 mph, no one is stalking anyone, and as proven by the fact that J-Lo wasn’t bothered when she went shopping low-key, they are only being a burden when the celeb in question has brought attention to themselves.Lastly, if you want the “SOUL” of Aspen to remain, let the paparazzi take pictures of these people, and maybe they won’t come here …Jodi WallaceLa Jolla, Calif.

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