Stay out of our business |

Stay out of our business

Dear Editor:

I completely understand the concern for business health, prosperity, the well-being of one’s self and the stability of one’s income, but to go through town methodically taking down fliers of an at-home business that is hardly a threat to any retail shop is seemingly a petty way to defend your business.

After placing fliers downtown for the past couple of weeks, I have checked on them often to see if anyone ripped off any of the contact information. To my dismay I frequently find the fliers at the info booth and Paradise Bakery missing! I’m hopeful it is someone who has great interest in throwing a designer jeans party, but I am rather sure it is a local business owner who is threatened by someone simply trying to sell designer-label denim at affordable prices in the privacy of some local’s home.

I could be wrong, and I hope I am; if I am, please, whoever is taking the whole flier of contact information, contact us to set up your own jeans party! Maybe you’ll enjoy purchasing denim at a more affordable price; maybe you’ll find that there are people who live in the valley and would purchase more product from you if your prices weren’t catering to people with money to throw around. There are plenty of fish in the sea, plenty of people who probably wouldn’t go to your business anyway, much less look inside your store simply because they already know they wouldn’t want to skip their car payment for the price of your jeans.

We are not threatening your business, we are not trying to steal your clients, we will replace the fliers you decided to take for scratch paper, every day. We will take the clients you don’t cater to, happily, and leave the tourists and fashionistas to stop by your place of business. Please don’t put your third-grade business practices into the streets of Aspen; if you’re selling here you probably know to be a bit more respectful to locals who are trying to survive. I hope you are successful in your business and find better ways to increase your revenue other than looking at the boards around town to see who your competition is and taking down their information.

If we can come to an understanding, maybe we can put a flier in your window? Please, you have our contact information, email us and let us know. Here’s to a happy, healthy and successful new year!

Bryan Stinchfield


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