Stay focused on peace |

Stay focused on peace

To: Editor

From: Alice Gustafson, Glenwood Springs

Re: Iraq and Iran

Those of us against this war and the proposition of a new war in Iran need to keep focused.

Sixteen of our intelligence agencies concluded Iran discontinued its nuclear weapons program in 2003, despite the current rhetoric in Washington. The lie of Hussein’s nuclear arsenal that got us into the Iraq war and is bankrupting and killing our children is rearing its head again with Iran. War costs are in the trillion’s now, and we are becoming vilified among nations.

The solution is to become energy independent. We should be funding research into solar and other forms of renewable energy. The cost is not just about the war, but also oil has peaked and the downward slid will be a steep one, not a gradual one. If we invest in this war and not our future, then we will not be prepared for the inevitable.

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