Stars and stripes over Iraq |

Stars and stripes over Iraq

Dear Editor:Power politics is the bottom line of world politics. We have occupied the state of Iraq. Perhaps we should make the occupation of the state of Iraq permanent. We need a reliable and stable source of oil. Iraq has plenty of this crucial resource.No other power in the world at this point has the power to challenge the military power of the United States of America. Today is the perfect time in history for the U.S. to claim Iraq as a commonwealth of the United States just as Puerto Rico has been for several decades.In a short time both China and Russia will have expanded their military capabilities to the point at which it will be too dangerous for the U.S. to make such a claim in the Middle East. The current leaders of our nation must be decisive and make the claim quickly and soon.The people of Iraq will benefit immensely from our system of individual and economic freedom. Free people are peaceful people. Our goal must be one united world and one world economy without restrictions, tariffs, or borders.Jordan E. MollerstenAspen

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