Starodoj for Holy Cross |

Starodoj for Holy Cross

Dear Editor:

It has come as somewhat of a surprise to read the many recent letters to the editor regarding the upcoming election for directors of Holy Cross Electric.

Typically, an election of directors for an electric co-op does not draw much interest. Not surprising is that the focus is almost completely on renewable energy. But in doing so, many authors inaccurately infer that Holy Cross is behind in addressing the need to provide energy in the cleanest, most efficient form.

Holy Cross has, for some time now, incorporated alternative energy sources, (wind, solar, etc.) into their plans. While clean energy is the future in the minds of thinking people, it also holds a solid place on the Holy Cross agenda. Holy Cross Electric Association has provided vital service for more than 71 years. In meeting their core mission responsibility, Holy Cross has secured and distributed electric power from a variety of producers with incredible reliability.

But let’s look at the real question here – leadership of a utility company; critical infrastructure. The leaders of this organization operate a company with annual revenues of more the $100 million. While the challenger, Mr. Munk, appears to have a passion for the use of renewable energy (which, of course, is laudable), he has no experience whatsoever in running a company of the magnitude and complexity of the Holy Cross Electric Association.

It is clearly in the best interest of the public to have this organization run by professionals experienced in the business of large-scale electric power distribution. Bob Starodoj is a proven performer and should be re-elected. In fact, we should all thank him for his 25 years of dedicated service as a director of the Holy Cross Electric Association. Passing a directorship on to an inexperienced, untested individual invites unnecessary risk to an otherwise solid, very well-run organization.

David Harris

Glenwood Springs