Starodoj and Glass for Holy Cross |

Starodoj and Glass for Holy Cross

Dear Editor:

As the old retired general manager of Holy Cross Electric who began his 43-year career at this electric cooperative way back in 1950, I feel compelled to make some comments regarding the recent onslaught of letters to the editor trying to remove two of the present directors from the board in the upcoming election in an effort to further their “green” agenda.

Holy Cross is already way ahead of the curve in its well thought-out plan to integrate renewables into a sensible mix of solar, wind, gas and coal. From the very beginning, the mission statement at Holy Cross has always been to provide “the best possible electric service at the lowest practical cost.” Reliability and cost have always been the driving force that made Holy Cross the success story of its time. In the fragile economy which we are going to face for years to come it is imperative that we do not imperil the quality of life that we have come to experience because of the availability of reliable and affordable electricity. Remember the adage – if the wind doesn’t blow and the sun doesn’t shine we could freeze in the dark.

Holy Cross is governed by a group of seven dedicated directors who oversee an operation headed by an outstanding CEO in Del Worley, together with an experienced longtime administrative staff and about 165 employees who work together every day to assure more than 54,000 metered consumers that when they flip that switch they may enjoy the quality of life that we all have become accustomed to. In conclusion I ask you, please vote for the incumbents, Bob Starodoj and Michael Glass, in the upcoming election to assure a sensible development of a realistic and achievable plan for our future energy supply.

Ed Grange

Glenwood Springs