Standing up for peons |

Standing up for peons

Dear Editor:After reading the Goldfarb letter (Aug. 30) and a few of like ilk, I think I see their problem. They have Aspen confused with their own gated communities. Maybe we can put up a credit checkpoint at Cemetery Lane with special peon passes for all us worker bees?Being of German heritage, my parents saw firsthand the oppression faced by those Hitler labeled undesirable. But Robin isnt as lethal as the Nazis, she just wants the social misfits removed from sight. Realty is so icky, huh, Robin?Goldfarb might have a point though. If you have more money than God, shouldnt you be able to build your own little heaven on Earth? I hope Robin sees the light before trying to shove her camel of riches through the eye of Gods needle.There are may benevolent, generous citizens in Aspen who know that last suit doesnt come with pockets. Robin & Co. probably subscribe to the motto: Those with the most toys at the end, win. They build a million-dollar dog pound and close the homeless shelter.She swears their aint no heaven, and prays there aint no hell (who wrote that song?). Personally, Id rather hang out with the brown van people. But theres always hope, Robin. You might learn compassion after you look up the definition.Bruno KirchenwitzSilt