Standing behind the Town Council |

Standing behind the Town Council

Notwithstanding the negative tone set by Pitkin County Commissioner Jack Hatfield with his rude and unfounded accusations against the Snowmass Village town councilmen and town staff, Monday night’s Town Council meeting was the finest example to date of our Town Council, town staff, Intrawest/Skico and significant community input working together to create a new and vibrant Base Village that will meet the needs and desires of this community/resort well into the future.

There is still much work to be done. However, after having observed and actively participated in the review and approval process for well over two years, we are confident that our Town Council, planning commission, town staff and planning department are the most responsible and knowledgeable parties to represent all of our interests and the interests of the entire community in this very complex and detailed examination of the Base Village project.

As second-home owners, we were not privileged to participate directly in the election of our Town Council. However, we fully trust their judgment and dedication to this community and we are confident that their decisions concerning this project will be in the best interests of the entire community.

In addition, we want to extend our thanks and appreciation to Intrawest and the Skico. They have listened to all of our concerns regarding Base Village and the on-mountain improvements.

Throughout the process to date, they have made significant modifications and improvements to this project, capped off this week by their announcement that they have eliminated an entire building in order to improve view corridors, circulation and vibrancy, as well as entering into a letter of intent with Westin Hotels to be the Base Village flagship hotel.

As originally proposed, a flagship hotel was to be built in the final phase of construction, about eight to 10 years down the road. The Westin Hotel will be part of the second phase, which will occur much earlier in the construction process, ensuring the “hot-bed” base required to support the new commercial, food/beverage and entertainment facilities to be built in the initial construction phases of Base Village.

The new year so far has brought us great snow, and now we stand on the threshold of a great future for this community/resort. Thanks to all who are responsible for this gift.

Mel D. Blumenthal, president

Enclave Homeowners Association


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