Stand up to the lefties |

Stand up to the lefties

Dear Editor:

For more than a century, certain people have tried to destroy core American values. They have been called many names: left-wingers, anarchists, socialists, communists, fellow travelers, New Dealers, progressives and liberals, to name a few. What binds them together is their hatred of American free enterprise/capitalism and their association with the Democratic Party.

They opposed American entry into World War I, they used the Depression to institute “a new way of life” that burdens us today, they opposed our involvement in World War II until the Soviets were attacked by their German ally, they lied about the American Communist Party being independent from Moscow, they prevented us from dealing a forceful blow against communism for 50 years. Any time America tries to institute/restore freedom they work to embarrass our government.

As far back as the first part of the 20th century, they championed immoral values that have damaged our society. For example, the communists of the first part of the 20th century advocated sexual freedoms that at the time were appalling but today, unfortunately, are often acceptable. They promoted taxation, welfare and seizure of private property that continues today. Their attitude toward religion has always been hostile.

Marx and Lenin made secularism a core value for their socialist/communist society. Their successors today certainly do everything they can to eliminate religious values, especially if they are Judeo-Christian values. It is important for us to stand up to the lefties of today and let them know we won’t allow further erosion of our traditional American values. We are faced with opponents of our country who attack us from within by claiming our election/voting system doesn’t work. They are, and always have been, disdainful of the will of people (remember the dictatorship of the proletariat ” Stalin).

Bill Schaffer