Stand up for RFTA drivers |

Stand up for RFTA drivers

Dear Editor:

I am one of the many great Roaring Fork Transportation Authority bus drivers who really hopes that my passengers, past and present, will kindly respond to Martha Ferguson’s hateful, ugly letter posted in this paper on Feb. 10 (“RFTA is out of control,” The Aspen Times.)

Come on, guys and gals. Everyone is always willing to complain but never willing to compliment. Stand up and be heard. I promise to greet you with a smile next time you ride like I always do and I also promise to continue to avoid those hundreds of accidents many car commuters attempt to engage us in daily. You know, the ones that never happened because we out-of-control drivers professionally and calmly averted them.

Perhaps law enforcement officers would also like to weigh in and explain that we don’t get tickets because a lot of times the accident wasn’t our fault. For example, the one on Feb. 6. Let’s see … an inexperienced driver spun out of control in one lane then crossed into the other lane that the bus was in. Hmmmm. Now, you must understand that I am not a rocket scientist, so I could be wrong, but I’m gonna say that this was not the bus driver’s fault. Just going on a hunch here. But hey, I’m not state patrol. I’m quite sure police don’t like to be accused of taking bribes and dishonesty when it isn’t founded.

So, how about it my loyal passengers. Do you have anything to add?

Wendy Kunkle

New Castle

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