Stand up for our rights |

Stand up for our rights

Dear Editor:

As I was recently watching a news report on Fort Collins not allowing religious decorations during Christmas because it could offend some people, all I could think of was: What is happening to our country?

One man actually suggested that our country was not founded on religion but only democracy, and that Christmas was not a place for such religion. Did this man actually know anything about our country’s history? Do Americans even remember what Christmas is a celebration of? Yes, our forefathers wanted democracy, but they also wanted “one nation under God.” I am not saying that people don’t have a right to choose their own beliefs, but we don’t need to take away the history out of country and all of our rights, at the same time. We have turned into a country of politically correct whiners!

Yes, the First Amendment in our Constitution states the freedom of speech, but it also states the freedom of religion, press, assembly and petition. It is not fair to everyone to try to be fair to everyone. The theory of being politically correct and pleasing everyone in this country is absurd. We are basically changing our way of life because a select few are complaining that their being offended by others beliefs. When does this stop? Can it ever stop? Is it possible to please all 300-plus million people in this country? No.

Christmas is the celebration of Jesus’ birthday whether people like it or not. If it offends you that people are actually publicly stating that, then maybe you should not partake in the holiday. Let’s not take the true meaning out of holidays, or our country for that matter. It’s about time for all of us to stand up for our First Amendment rights. We all have a right to free speech and religion. Let’s stop people from telling us what we can celebrate, decorate or articulate.

Gary Littell

Snowmass Village

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