Stand up and be heard |

Stand up and be heard

Dear Editor:I read in the paper today about coach Travis Benson resigning as coach from Aspen High School (“Football coach resigns amid uproar” Dec. 13). This young man grew up, played football and graduated from Aspen High School. Football stopped being a sport at Aspen High School upon his class graduating. Upon graduation from Mesa State, where he also played football, coach Benson came back to the valley and worked hard to start the program back up again. He became head football coach when coach Goode decided to step down.Coach Benson’s love for the sport is not only in teaching young men how to play football, as winning is important but not the only thing, but also what it means to be a better person in today’s world. He enjoyed the wins, but the integrity of the young men was his driving force in the program.I think that it is a shame that a lot of hard work can be taken so easily away from such a hardworking young man and would hope that the young men affected by coach Benson will stand up and be heard.Cindy ChristensenAspen

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