Stand should sell Bibles and flags not fireworks |

Stand should sell Bibles and flags not fireworks

Stand should sell Bibles, flags not fireworks

Each year around this time Mr. Ray Cordova brings explosives to the consistently and distressingly hot and dry Roaring Fork Valley for profit. While doing so he boldly indicates, in very large letters, his alleged allegiance to another Prophet, Jesus. Given the danger to life and property that his product poses to the valley it seems clear which “profit/prophet” has earned most of Mr. Cordova’s allegiance.

Since Richard Miller showed us recently just how easy it is to incinerate large portions of land, wildlife and structures (2018 Lake Christine Fire), perhaps Mr. Cordova could sell Bibles instead of bombs and flags instead of fireworks.

There is no shortage of people wrapping themselves in religion and patriotism for personal gain these days, so Mr. Cordova doesn’t stand out in that regard. What is salient about Mr. Cordova (and his fireworks stand), however, is that his pose and his product is an immediate danger to the rest of us.

Bill Parish