Stagnation not an option |

Stagnation not an option

Dear Editor:Having watched Snowmass grow since its inception, I ask myself, “When was it best?” and my answer is “recently” and my hope is in the future, it will always be “now.”The town’s officials deliberating to exhaustion over three years that what is proposed for the base of Snowmass Village is what will work best for us – not for the developers, but for us. It will give us the critical mass we need to attract young people – the core constituency of an active resort. It will be designed, financed and built by an experienced and dedicated team. For those of us who live and work here, skiing is not everything, but it is and will continue to be the basis on which the resort’s viability depends. The good life needs an economic grounding to give our residents and visitors the wonderful choices of activities that we can make any day of our privileged lives in this blessed place. The February referendum will give us a choice of either once more leading the field or suffer a continuous slow decline in our standing and reputation and in our quality of life. Eventually, the time comes when the effort to reverse the decline would have to be so massive and expensive that no responsible developer may want to take the risk and face another battle like the one just passed. Let me propose a New Year’s resolution for all of us who vote in Snowmass Village: I will vote for base village! Stagnation is not an option. Curt StrandSnowmass Village