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Spring break for Aspen City Council?

Councilman Skippy Mesirow, during the election season. Monday was a lighter and lighter-hearted day for the council.
Austin Colbert/The Aspen Times

At least, that was what it felt like Monday at the 4 p.m. Aspen City Council work session. 

“I think this might have been our quickest session ever for this council,” said Councilman John Doyle. 

“Heck ya!” cheered Councilman Skippy Mesirow.

Along with Councilman Ward Hauenstein and Mayor Torre, with an absent Councilwoman Rachael Richards, the council clocked in for under 15 minutes.

Aside from council members, there were five other people present at the meeting. Perhaps everyone else was still playing catch up from the daylight savings time adjustment this past Sunday. 


“Although this is my first time going through this transition period while being on City Council, I think it’s common for the time between the city elections and when the new candidates take office for the agenda to be pretty slim in terms of items,” said Doyle. 

There were two items for presentation. 

There are two regular member positions open and one alternative member position open for the Next Generation Advisory Board. Charles Olson was the only applicant for the vacancy. 

“Sometimes, we have so many vacancies, whoever signs up for these boards gets right in,” explained Doyle.

The second item in the brief session were open positions for two regular members and one alternate member on the Local Licensing Authority. Rodney Hill was the only applicant.

Short and sweet. But you know who isn’t on spring break this week? Future Councilmen Bill Guth and Sam Rose.

“I remember the time between election and my first City Council meeting we would meet weekly with Sara Ott, city manager for the city of Aspen, and a different department each week to get to know the nuances of the city organizations. I really, really enjoyed this experience,” said Doyle.

“I learned about the city utilities. I went around with parks employees one day, and they showed me all the parks, the intricacies of each, and how they operate. It was very interesting and such an educational experience.”

Tuesday’s City Council meeting at 5 p.m. in city chambers won’t be so brief. Among others on the council’s agenda, there will be a second reading of Amending Chapter 13.24 Waste Reduction.

The others:

  • Resolution 028, Series of 2023 — Intergovernmental Agreement between the City of Aspen and the Roaring Fork Transportation Authority to Complete the Rubey Park Overhead Electric Charger Project Design and Construction. 
  • Resolution 032, Series 2023 — Contract for Public Art Plan Development.
  • Resolution 033 and 034, Series of 2023 — Asphalt Overlay Project.
  • Resolution 034, Series of 2023 — Community, Cultural Arts, and Health & Human Services Grant Funding Recommendations.
  • Resolution 035, Series of 2023 — Contract with Glenwood Springs Ford, Inc.
  • Resolution 036, Series of 2023 — Contract-Construction Manager/General Contractor for Maroon Creek Multi-Use Trail.