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Spreading garbage

Dear Editor:I was surprised and disappointed that The Aspen Times would print such an appallingly vitriolic ad-hominem attack by a Mr. J. Epstein of Aspen and Philadelphia in Tuesday’s (July 5) Times. In his letter, he assaults a decent and intelligent person, Sue Gray, for disagreeing with the policies of the state of Israel by calling her “anti-Semitic.” This tactic of personal vilification is routine with rabid pro-Israelis and is used to attack anyone disagreeing with Israel’s conduct of its political and military agenda. One could argue with Epstein’s attitude and interpretation of the truth, however, this would be a fruitless enterprise. It is clear that he is a true believer and any rational discussion is impossible with such a person. On the other hand, my complaint is with the Times, which, in my opinion, should not have been complicit in spreading such garbage by having printed such a disgusting letter.Richard B. VeitCarbondale

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