Gents’ Lassalette showing signs of improvement |

Gents’ Lassalette showing signs of improvement

Tim Mutrie

Injured Gentlemen of Aspen rugby player John Lassalette continues to show signs of improvement and recovery, according to a Gentlemen of Aspen official.Lassalette, an Aspen attorney, husband and father, and Gents Old Boys player, sustained a serious neck injury during a July 16 match in Aspen. He is now rehabilitating at Craig Hospital, a leading spinal cord injury facility in Englewood.”He moved his pinky this morning, so he’s getting some more feeling and movement back,” veteran Gents player/coach Mark Williams said on Monday.”He’s moving everything else – it’s just the hands. And I guess it takes a while to get those nerves going again. So we’re all keeping him in our prayers.”In a collision during the July 16 match, as Lassalette went in for a tackle, he lost feeling and sensation in much of his body. He has since regained much of the movement and sensation, according to Williams.”They’re not sure when he’s going to recover it – it could be anywhere from three weeks to three months. It all depends. Hopefully, it all comes back. But it’s been over a week and he’s moving his pinky, so it’s too early to tell for sure, but the signs are good,” said Williams.

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