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Split decisions

Nate Peterson

If it’s heads, it’s Buttermilk. If it’s tails, it’s Ajax. No, wait, Snowmass – unless the Highlands shuttle is the only one parked at Rubey Park.Lately, in an effort to keep things fresh, I’ve been playing these types of games with myself in the morning before I head out the door with my snowboard. I flip coins to decide between the long ride to Snowmass or the short walk to Ajax. I hop on the bus to the Rubey Park bus depot, then pick either Highlands, Buttermilk or Snowmass based on which free shuttle is waiting. If all three are there, then I flip a coin again. Or I play “Eenie, Meenie, Minie, Moe.” Really, I find this exciting. I like the spontaneity of heading to a different mountain each day based on chance. Or at least the perception of chance. One of my roommates in college became a staunch determinist after four years of philosophy classes and continually debated with me that there is no such thing as chance. He would talk me in circles until backing me into a corner with one of his arguments, all to prove to me that every decision I thought I was making really wasn’t a decision. Rather, he said, I was acting in my own self interest. Nothing is random, he would add. Not coin flips, or Rock, Paper, Scissors – especially not Eenie, Meenie, Minie, Moe.I don’t know, really. Maybe I was determined to head to Buttermilk on Friday, even though it seemed like an uncompelled decision. The bus was there, so I hopped on it.But that’s another story.The only thing I know for certain is that the snow was the best it’s been in two weeks and that there was plenty of pow still left when I got back on the bus to head home.Take note: The Highlands Party on the Peak, scheduled for today atop Highland Bowl, has been rescheduled for next Saturday.Also, the men’s skiing portion of the Colorado Freeride Championships at Snowmass on Friday was rescheduled for 10-11 a.m. today. All Freeride events originally scheduled for today will be Sunday on the Burnside Cliffs.

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