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Spin accusations from a politician?

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Dear Editor:County Commissioner Jack Hatfield’s personal attacks on my job choice and those of other service workers in the village are unfortunate (Aspen Times, Jan. 27). I would counter that plenty of us have been “maids, maintenance workers and clerks” at various times in our lives here, and 700 new jobs in a town with higher than average unemployment is not insignificant.The new wave of prosperity for those of us who may be under-employed but would like to do more is in addition to the obvious numbers of construction jobs and Base Village service jobs. Gaps open in a growing economy in niches not covered by others, then young creative types fill those gaps by building new businesses servicing those opportunities. A town needs a critical mass of activity to exist on its own. Why do you think Marion and Pat Garrett closed Snowmass Jewelers, then re-opened in Aspen in the middle of so many other jewelry shops? Even amongst all that “competition” the Garrett family business is far more prosperous. A few more businesses close here and we will become merely day-skier services for Aspen for a few months a year. Johnny Boyd stated in his last column that he likes to see businesses closing because it brings back “balance” to Snowmass. The economy shrinks to where nothing new happens and only the status quo prevails, unfettered by the few complications of expansion and prosperity. He’d like “marketing” to save us, but no amount of marketing dollars can rejuvenate a town without infrastructure.I will gladly stand behind my belief that we can bring vitality back to Snowmass Village and the younger generation has a unique chance to prosper here. Base Village is only a start, not the “second coming.” The Marketing Board is becoming more effective (leg 1), but we need adequate facilities to attract new visitors and off-season group conferences (leg 2), and the mall redevelopment may finally become a reality (leg 3). We need all three legs standing strong to be “in balance.” Vote “yes” on Feb 3. Scott CallihamSnowmass Village

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