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Spend time with (not money on) our kids

Dear Editor:

Gosh, I can’t think of what to write about first ” the fact that the City Council approved the new pool or the controversy regarding P.E. in the Aspen School District.

Let’s start with the pool. LOL … in texting language it stands for “laughing out loud.” I am laughing right now and shaking my head that the City Council thinks that spending huge amounts of money on the new “grotto feature” at the pool is going to attract area teens to the pool. Is there going to be a separate charge for kids to jump from the cliff? You might get visiting teens to visit this new-to-them feature, but our local kids will try it once for the experience and then go to the real thing, that doesn’t cost a dime and where there are no adults hanging around.

Some very extraordinary girls stood on the fire hearth and stated that this simple structure with a little flame was important to them. As compared to the cost of heating the pools and hot tubs at the ARC, the cost of letting the hearth glow for more than a couple hours is nothing. One more comment on the pool ” when is the HVAC system going to be fixed? It seems as if the ARC is in a constant state of repairs.

Regarding P.E. in the Aspen School District: I suspect that a good percentage of Aspen students are not in need of extra P.E. Perhaps the schools should determine which kids are not involved in ski programs, or gymnastics or any other programs that are offered and give them the extra P.E. that they need. For those of you that don’t realize, after the ski season is over, rec basketball season starts (big kudos to the recreation staff and volunteers), then on to soccer and summertime! Once again, please don’t put all students into one group. Instead of spending money on more P.E., give scholarships to those who cannot afford after school programs so they can participate. I went to school in the ’60s and ’70s. I had P.E. once a week and I still am alive and healthy. Parents need to be involved in making sure their kids get good food to eat, plenty of rest and time outside instead of computer games.

Our town seems to think that the only way to help kids is to spend more and more money on them. How about some one-on-one time with the kids that need it. How about scholarships for kids who can’t afford extracurricular activities. After spending so much time with kids around here, I find that the thing they like the best is for someone to pay a little extra attention to them.

Kim Vieira