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Spend more, ski less

Dear Editor:

Am I the only person who finds this hard to fathom? Summit County gives you the Epic pass, access to eight mountains, seven days a week and no blackouts for $629 (plus discounts for your friends and family to ski)!

My one-day-a-week pass here cost more than $629 as a chamber member! What? I am no member of MENSA but that equates to two times the options and seven times the skiing for less money. One day soon we will wake up, the lift ticket office will be at the top of Ajax, and Skico will say – yes, we’re open today but as a season pass-holder you can’t ski because this is a fundraising day; however, you are more than welcome to purchase a lift ticket but you need to purchase a lift ticket to get to the place where you can purchase a lift ticket.

By the way, if a pass has been paid for with legitimate funds and is unused – is there some national security threat for someone in the family to use it? Seriously, can someone answer that for me? We want everyone to pay as much as possible, as early as possible, as often as possible and ski as little as possible.

Quick math …

Summit County – Eight mountains/seven days a week; open October, close June; 250 days for $629 equals $2.50 a day

Aspen – Advertising this season as one of the longest ever at 151 days – wow; four mountains/one day a week for 20 weeks; open late November, close April – 20 days for $629 equals $31.45 a day.

Bottom line, if Skico was forced to accept the same terms as the local underlings for their passes (as in not free), it would be a much different picture, right?

Scott Hirsch