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Speedway 82

As I was driving in to work one morning, I noticed how the traffic was flowing.

It actually reminded me of the Indy 500 – bumper to bumper, several drivers trying to pass that next car when the opportunity arose. There was no allowance for error – if one had happened, such as a tire blowing out or a person having a heart attack or a seizure.

Not only was the traffic bumper-to-bumper, but the speed was getting faster and faster. At least faster than the designated 55 mph speed limit (average 60-plus mph).

Lately, I have been more conscious of my driving habits; but more importantly, I have been thinking about what if I were one of those people who were bumper-to-bumper and something did happen. I would not want to be the one to cause an accident (most probably fatal for one or more) or be in the accident. My conscience will be my guide from now on.

Please drive safely.

Starla Hager