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Speeding kills

Dear Editor:It saddened me to read Scott Condon’s article about the bighorn lamb that had to be killed after being hit by a car (“Speeding cars taking toll on sheep,” March 8). Why is it so necessary for people to speed?We are so concerned about the effects second hand smoke has on other people that we have created laws that prohibit people from smoking in public places. Campaigns on TV ask parents to go outside to smoke because kids are being affected. Isn’t this true about aggressive driving?Little kids don’t have a say in how fast their parents drive. Little kids are not in seat belts on RFTA buses as they go flying through Snowmass Canyon at 70 mph. As these little kids grow into big kids, they get their clues from their parents and others on the road, and once out of driver’s ed., turn into aggressive drivers themselves.When are our elected officials going to realize what a serious issue we have not only in the Aspen, the valley, the state, but around the country? It is this attitude of entitlement … to speed, to drive recklessly and to believe that no one else is affected. It is time to take a stronger look at this growing problem. It is time for our elected officials, who are suppose to protect all of our issues, to do something.Kim VieiraAspen