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Speak your mind on Willits

Dear Editor:

If the Willits project’s extra 150,000 square feet of residential units are approved and built, along with all of the approved and unbuilt residential, mini-storage, industrial, office, and retail space, that is a total of well over 2,000,000 ” that is 2 million ” square feet added to Basalt.

That is the way development evolves in the suburbs, not here in the mountains. This proposal has made me want to get involved in the decisions affecting my own town. I am not usually one to speak up at a town council meeting, but I’ve had enough.

Can our roads take all the traffic?

Do you think we can handle this in our quaint, small town?

If your answer is NO, come to the Basalt Town Council meeting tonight at 6:15 at Basalt Town Hall. Speak your mind to make sure that no more square footage is approved.

Enough is enough.

Virginia Betty


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