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Speak up for Thompson Divide Coalition

Dear Editor:

As a volunteer board charged with the responsibility to address a broad range of environmental issues, the town of Carbondale Environmental Board applauds our board of trustees for their endorsement of the Thompson Divide Coalition and its mission to preclude oil and gas development in the Thompson Creek area.

Recognizing the economic tradeoffs inherent in this debate, we believe the benefits of preservation outweigh the benefits of development. The negative aspects associated with oil and gas development (e.g., increased truck traffic, air and water pollution, loss of wildlife habitat) and the negative impacts on tourism, outdoor recreation and local agriculture are simply too severe. We are all better served when local industrial activities are more complementary to our communities’ desires for achieving both environmental and economic sustainability.

We encourage your readers to visit http://www.savethompsondivide.org and join leaders from across the region in opposing the current proposal to allow exploratory and potentially long-term drilling operations in this area.

David Reindel

chairman, Carbondale Environmental Board