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Speak up, classical music fans

Dear Editor:I must be radio-call-letter-challenged because my letter said KVOD when I meant the classical FM station WWFM, broadcast from Mercer Community College in New Jersey.This is the station of agreement among classical music listeners in the Roaring Fork Valley and the one no longer broadcast from a Pitkin County translator because of air wave frequency gluttony by a new arrival to the radio scene in the valley.We classical music listeners may be a minority but we are customers who turn on our radios and we can be heard so I do urge other listeners to speak up: There is the translator board, the county commissioners and there is even the FCC, which Shelly Roy has kindly offered to find a person to write to who may or may not read our letters. I would also like to point out what Jim Markalunas has told me, that WWFM is not commercial so it cannot broadcast on satellite radio. You can hear it on your computer but not in the car, where I do most of my listening.I do want to thank the county for reining in the new radio arrival’s air wave grab and I do want the commissioners to know that we classical music listeners back them to the hilt.Maggie DeWolfAspen

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