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Speak up against cell towers

Dear Editor:

Sprint/Nextel wants to come to Basalt and build six cell towers next to the holiday star on “B” hill. Do a quick Google search on “radiofrequency electromagnetic radiation” or “RF radiation,” and you will quickly come to understand why towns across the country are fighting to keep cell phone towers away from schools and neighborhoods.

Frequency, intensity, and duration of exposure all affect the body’s response to RF radiation, and since cell mast locations have multiplied so rapidly in recent years, calculations of historical exposure are difficult. Little has been published on childhood exposures to RF fields, and today’s children will be the first to have a lifetime of exposure.

For a list of scientific studies reporting concrete adverse effects of RF radiation, see http://www.wave-guide.org/library/studies.html. Remember, we once thought thalidomide, cigarettes and asbestos were safe too. Please let our councilors know (by the Jan. 8 vote) that we don’t want a cluster of cell phone towers so close to the heart of Basalt bombarding us with constant radiation. One e-mail to susanp@basalt.net will reach all of the councilors.

Tania Dibbs


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