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Speak out to BLM

Dear Editor:

It’s not every day people get a chance to give the Bureau of Land Management feedback on how it manages our land! In fact, it has been 25 years since the BLM asked for our input on how it should manage BLM land in Pitkin County!

We all have an opportunity between now and Jan. 17 to tell the BLM how we want it to manage Pitkin County’s portion of 500,000 acres of popular public land, including the Crown, Light Hill, Arbany-Kittle and more.

Learn more about the BLM plan at this website: http://www.blm.gov/rmp/co/kfo-gsfo. Then email your comments to co_crvmp@blm.gov no later than Jan. 17.

If you enjoy public land, this is a wonderful opportunity to “speak” to the BLM about things like biking, hiking, wildlife protection, season closures, land swaps, etc.!

Thank you for making the effort.

Pat Bingham

Pitkin County Community Relations

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