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Speak out against Krabloonik kennel

Dear Editor:

Thank you, Kathleen Teegarden, recent month-long visitor to Aspen/Snowmass from Annapolis, Md., for your letter to the editor (“Animal gulag in the heart of eco-friendly Aspen/Snowmass,” Jan. 31, 2011, Aspen Daily News.)

You bring to the forefront a situation that many of we Aspen locals have been taking action on for over five years – the poor living conditions and treatment of the sled dogs at Krabloonik Restaurant and Kennel.

Even though the Committee to Give Krabloonik Dogs a Voice has confronted this issue with the Snowmass Town Council several times, and promises are made from the owner of Krabloonik to improve the conditions for the dogs, this blight on our dog-loving, eco-conscious community keeps raising its ugly head. At least they’re not shooting the dogs to “cull the herd” anymore (I hope). Is anyone really keeping an eye on this as promised?

I stopped having dinner at Krabloonik as soon as I learned of this cruelty, as did many of my friends. Maybe now that you, a visitor, have decided not to patronize their business because of the poor physical, mental, and emotional state of their canine staff who work so hard for them, they might rethink their business ethics. As you know, $$$$ seems to be the bottom line for everything these days.

I encourage everyone who feels this way about Krabloonik’s dogs to let their voice be heard again on this matter in order to help our fellow creatures. Snowmass Town Council, are you taking note that your resort will be losing money because of visitor dismay with a business you allow to operate in this manner?

If you won’t fix this for the welfare of these innocent animals, do it for the money – just do it, finally!

Ricki Newman


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