Spare them the stigma |

Spare them the stigma

Dear Editor

As someone who is grateful to Stewart and Lynda Resnick for pledging $4 million for the renovation of Paepcke Auditorium, I believe we should spare them the stigma of having the space renamed for them.

Surely a couple so committed to the restoration of one of Aspen’s cultural institutions would only be embarrassed by the substitution of their own name for that of the founder of Aspen’s cultural life itself. The name change, however well intentioned, would expose them to the imputation that the object of their gift was ego gratification rather than public service.

I believe we should allow the magnanimous Resnicks to call the venue by the same name by which Aspenites and loyal visitors will continue to call it in perpetuity: Paepcke Auditorium.

Bruce Berger



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