Spacecon houses workers well |

Spacecon houses workers well

Dear Editor:

I am writing in response to articles about subcontractors’ treatment of workers at the Residences at The Little Nell. Since the start of the project, Spacecon, one of the subcontractors accused of abusing workers, has housed a number of employees at my family’s motel, Red Mountain Inn, in Glenwood. The number has varied from 10 to 25 at any time. While we are not a five-star establishment, we are by no means a dump! We are proud of our rooms and the high standard that we maintain them in.

Unlike many contractors who come to us requesting rooms, Spacecon never asked to put seven or eight guys in a room with two beds. The project supervisor inspected the rooms before contracting them to be sure they were adequate. He requested the larger rooms with kitchens whenever they were available. He also checks back with us periodically to make sure his workers respect our property. They keep the rooms seven days a week, and the workers have full use of our pool, spa and outdoor grills.

I can’t address most of the accusations in the newpaper articles. I, myself, am pro-union and respect the rights of the union to organize. But I do want to go on record stating that as far as providing worker housing, Spacecon has put more effort into assuring comfortable housing for its workers than most companies I have dealt with in my 14 years in the lodging business here. I will also say that in my regular contact with these workers, they are happy campers! I invite The Aspen Times or any other paper to send writers down to inspect our inn.

Artie Rothman

Glenwood Springs