Southern hospitality |

Southern hospitality

Dear Editor:To you tutu and ballet lovers in Snowmass Village and Aspen: Why aren’t you in Jackson, Miss., for the 2010 USA International Ballet Competition that is still going on for another week or so?Every four years the International Ballet Competition is held in Jackson. Ballet companies visit and scurry around to grab the best pickings while large audiences lay back to delight in visions of pleasure, entertainment and possibly some sincere lust. So where are the Aspen-Santa Fe Ballet Co. bigwigs prancing around in their tutus?On June 17 in Jackson, I hung out with my intelligent dear friend and avid photographer, Janis Smith, at the first of the Summer series happenings of “Downtown at Dusk on Farish Street.” It has been slow goings for Farish Street as your local Aspenite Mississippian cab driver George can testify to, but Farish Street and its surrounding area are the intensified focal point of a Phoenix-type rebirth into a major world class entertainment/restaurant destination done in Mississippi-style with Southern manners and Southern hospitality flowing like cascading champagne onto strawberries.The Farish Street festivity allowed me to finally meet the famous Al Stamps, owner of the fabulous Burgers & Blues restaurant and entertainment venue in Ridgeland, a suburb of Jackson, as he promoted his new restaurant concept for Farish Street, where a new B.B. King’s House of Blues will open.Then I met the fashionable Jacksonian Southern belle and famous local Republican politico, Charlotte Reeves, and her husband Monte. They have a 5-acre planned Farish Street area project that even George Hamilton and Barbi Benton might be interested in learning more about since Aspen businesses seem just plain dumb in not putting bucks into their bank accounts and showing them some gentrified Southern hospitality and respect justly due them. Mention Charlotte Reeves and watch Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour give you a surprised look, unless he can keep a poker face at the sound of her name.I guess you are wondering what Aspenite Mississippian Billy Smith is doing. The guy visits all over Mississippi and parts of Louisiana, but he is in Memphis right now. I guess Billy Smith is an Elvis Presley fan or he is enjoying Memphis’ Beale Street, an entertainment destination mecca. What do think, Aspenite Sterling Greenwood, friend of Semmes Luckett, Jr. of Clarksville, Miss., in The Delta?Emzy Veazy IIIAspen

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