Southern bigotry |

Southern bigotry

Dear Editor:

In the Nov. 27 issue of The Aspen Times was a letter by R. Barry Crook attacking me and calling me a bigot because I am against the expansion of the already approved buildings in the Willits project.

A couple of months ago, he went after Anne Freedman for the same reason and now it is my turn. He keeps saying we are against Whole Foods because it is a Texas corporation. Who the hell cares if it’s from Texas, Florida, California or the moon; it has nothing to do with what we are against!

For the last time, Barry, most of the people of Basalt are against all the increased footage the developers want. That’s all! Do you understand? With your mindset and one-track mind you might still have a problem understanding! As to my being a bigot, you are so wrong it is pathetic. I was born in Chicago of Norwegian immigrants and raised in a neighborhood full of immigrants from almost every country in the world. I went to school with blacks and Hispanics and never had a problem with those friends.

My first exposure to bigotry was in World War II when I was on a train bound for Texas for basic training and we stopped at a train station and saw the signs saying “Whites only” and “Colored only” on washroom doors and drinking fountains. Talk about bigotry! As an 18 year old and very naive, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing for the first (not the last) time in America. I judge people as individuals not by groups or color. I was a superintendent in the building trades and worked with blacks and had blacks working under me and never had a problem.

I coached Little League and taught my boys to respect the black teams we played against. I also coached hockey in the Huskie Hockey Club in Illinois and had black players who were treated as equals because they have the same feelings as white kids do! So please, Barry, don’t give me any more of your bigotry B.S., because I have seen more bigotry in Texas, Louisiana, Florida and Georgia than anywhere else that I have been in my life. Bigotry is still here and always will be until people learn to judge one another as individuals and not by color, creed, religion or lifestyle. Have a happy life, Barry, and put away your poison pen and one-track thinking!

Chris Tessem


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