Sounds a bit Kannard |

Sounds a bit Kannard

I find myself breaking my own personal code of conduct, quite contrary to my elder brother, of never writing letters to the editor. But the fast ball this time is waaay tooo fat, and yearns to be smacked over the centerfield wall.

I am responding to Christopher Berry’s letter condemning Roger Marolt for writing under the alias Roger Kannard, amongst others.

Let me start by quoting Chris: “As for Marolt, he figured the ‘Kannard’ letter would ‘expose a rift in Aspen that exists between the locals and wealthy landowners’.”

Well Chris, I think he figured right, and your letter personifies the detestable Roger and Sheila Kannard. Let me see, you wrote, “Never mind the fact that the wealthy people of this town support the arts, contribute to the recreation centers and are the reason that his family’s accounting firm exists (how many accounting firms are in Leadville?). Oh, and by the way, the wealthy of this town also subsidized Marolt’s employee housing unit.”

If that, as ridiculous as it sounds, doesn’t smack of Roger and Shelia Kannard, I don’t know what does. Geeze Chris, thanks for pointing this out to me. I guess I better be a little more thankful.

Roger Marolt, myself and thousands of other Bolshevik class working stiffs in this town do realize what the wealthy contribute to this community ? and not necessarily in terms of their cash. Like in the good old days when the wealthy and working class alike used to sit down together and have a beer with no concerns or regard to the other’s net worth.

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It’s the ugly wealthy Roger Marolt was exposing in his Kannard letters. And its those people that I really don’t appreciate ? you know, like the ones you personify in your letter, the ones that demand respect and acknowledgment for their contributions ? almost always in cash because they have little more to offer in terms of their generosity.

Oh, and one other thing Chris: lighten up Francis!

Steve Marolt


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