Sorry for the confusion |

Sorry for the confusion

Yesterday, my letter regarding county Referendum 1B, which is “Shall Section 6.6 of the Pitkin County Charter be amended to harmonize the campaign finance provisions with federal law?”, was printed in this newspaper.

After sending the letter on Tuesday, I realized that I did not fully understand the ballot question and a portion of my letter might give the wrong message; and I attempted to stop the letter.

I e-mailed the paper that the letter should not be published. I also personally spoke with Mike Hagan, the Times editor, on Tuesday night, and asked him not to publish the letter. He was unable to stop the letter and it slipped through and was published. [Editor’s note: The letters page had already been sent to press by the time I received Mr. Nix’s message.]

Those interested in Referendum 1B should research the full text of the amendment and then decide yes or no. The question on the ballot may not be vague and ambiguous, and if the full text has been previously published, the ballot question is proper as to form.

It is up to each voter to decide yes or no, and I am making no recommendation. I apologize to the members of the Board of County Commissioners, the county attorney and The Aspen Times and its readers if my letter caused some confusion.

Bob Nix


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