Sore and tired? This chair will treat you right |

Sore and tired? This chair will treat you right

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After a day spent skiing the bumps, riding the bike trails, or even on a long road trip, here’s a piece of gear for whatever aches: the InterActive Human Touch-125 leather massage chair.Though it may look like an upscale La-Z-Boy – or, as a charitable friend describes it, like a cushy seat on a private jet – it comes very close to being a personal masseur.

Have a seat, push a toggle to automatically recline the back, and toggle another direction to raise the footrest. Of course you’ll first want to flip the footrest over to reveal two channels fitted with squeezing, stroking, rolling mechanisms for your calves or feet; you have to wait for the “hands” to let go to shift your legs out and stick your feet in. But each option feels divine, especially if you’re hurting. Meanwhile, the elliptical rolling nodes travel up and down your spine – kneading, rolling, pounding and pressing. However hard you want, however fast or slow, you can pinpoint the action: lower, higher, softer, harder; for a few minutes only, or on and on and on. Kneading only, or with added percussion or compression. Full roll, both shoulders, or just lower back. Even the width and height of the massage is adjustable. Also there’s a button for “stretch,” which holds your feet in place while pulling your back into an arch. It takes a little experience to find exactly what you like – or don’t. Your best bet is to start with one of the 15-minute auto programs, which throws everything it’s got at you.

All of this is commanded by a corded control – about the size of a TV remote – that slips into a leather pocket on the side of the seat cushion. You can turn off the massage whenever you like; or, let it run its 15-minute course, after which it turns itself off. At the end of your session, start it up again, or press the “restore” button and the back and footrest automatically return to their home positions. Even when it’s not massaging, the InterActive Human Touch-125 makes a great reading or TV-watching perch. Not only are the back-recline and feet-incline on separate controls, the whole thing is on a swivel base.

There’s a newer version of this that retails for about $2,000, but you can find this model for as low as $1,400 (refurbished) online; it comes in several basic earth tones, plus cherry red.

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