Sophisticated wonder |

Sophisticated wonder

Anke Schofield's 'Into the Woods.'
Courtesy Aspen Grove Fine Art

Anke Schofield generates a world of limitless imagination.

Relying on her early training as a photographer, she embarks upon a scavenger hunt to capture the perfect images, which she incorporates into her mixed-media paintings. An idea pops into her head, perhaps one of a woman wearing a bouquet in place of a hat or hairdo, and, from there, she layers paint and photos, creating multidimensional artwork.

“When people look at it, they often say, ‘Is this a photograph, or is this a painting?’” Schofield said. “It’s both. I always use a photograph, and I always use paint.”

While photos help inspire the work, it is the paint that allows Schofield to enter a realm where there are no boundaries — where butterflies flutter among deer antlers or a small house sits on a dog’s back.

Anke Schofield’s ‘Botanica.’
Courtesy Aspen Grove Fine Art

“My paintings are based on a childlike dream of: What would it be if you were dreaming larger than life,” she said. “Things that aren’t possible in real life, I can make real in the paintings. I like to paint things that are not possible. I don’t feel like a painting is successful unless I’ve achieved that.”

Her pieces depict a sense of childhood wonder, unbound by convention and societal norms.

“Your imagination was free and open, and everything was new to you,” she said of childhood. “You lived more in the dream state. I try to pursue that in my art.”

She draws viewers into her paintings by leaving much open to interpretation.

“I want the viewer to see what they see in it,” she said.

In keeping with youthful freshness, she changes up her color palette with the seasons and design trends, though she does favor neutral backgrounds, which make her sensational images stand out.

Her current exhibition at Aspen Grove Fine Art features about a dozen new, large-scale paintings, 60 x 60 and larger.

“This show is about transformation and evolving and growth (and) coming out on the other side,” said Chris Moore, the gallery’s marketing and advertising director. “This applies to the ‘diva’ paintings, as well as some of the paintings incorporating wildlife or butterflies that take on this same concept.

“Her work is unique, not only in Aspen, but also in contemporary work, because it is playful, yet sophisticated in style — and isn’t that what Aspen is all about?”

If you go …

What: Anke Schofield exhibition, ‘Evolution of the Diva’

When: Today through Aug. 12, opening reception with artist: 4-8 p.m. both days

Where: Aspen Grove Fine Art

More info:

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