Something’s rotten in Silt |

Something’s rotten in Silt

Dear Editor:Not in my back yard, says Mayor Dave Moore of Silt, but yours is OK. Dave and the trustees won’t have to see or smell or taste the sacrifices others will make in exchange for Antero’s “large contributions” to Silt.While he admits he’s not qualified to make a statement about drilling, he blows enough verbal sugar up Antero’s corporate ass to cause a diabetic seizure.Instead of doing paid endorsements for Antero, maybe Dave & Co. could focus on why Silt children are no longer allowed to drink the water in school. Or do dirt pimps even care?Some people would sell their mother for the right price. Dave & Co. would only sell someone else’s mother.So, take heart my friends. When you see those glaring rigs at night, don’t think of them as giant corporate phalli screwing the Earth. Think of them as giant phalli ejaculating dollars. Like Dave.Bruno KirchenwitzSilt

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