Something’s not right |

Something’s not right

Dear Editor:

I hope Barry Crook is incorrect in his reply (“Affordable housing letter off base,” letters, April 25, 2011, The Aspen Times) to a recent letter from Jerry Bovino (“Titanic problems on City Council,” letters, April 21, 2011, The Aspen Times).

Mr. Crook says that foreclosure on a deed restricted property under APCHA “necessitates” their purchase by the city and/or APCHA. If that’s right, then residents of Aspen and Pitkin County are effectively underwriting the credit risk of every owner of an APCHA property. Could our city attorney or other competent legal official assure us that Mr. Crook is not right? Otherwise, the city and county taxpayers are potentially on the hook for who knows how much money.

Or am I missing something here? I recognize that some people are not legally precise in their language and I hope that is the case here.

Robert Auld



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