Something’s missing |

Something’s missing

Dear Editor:As my family and I looked forward to celebrating this weekend, I found myself having to work hard just to keep the spirit. I sat down and tried to figure out just what was troubling me so. Something seemed to be missing this year.I decided to review our actions the last couple of weeks in order to better understand my dilemma. We went searching for the right Christmas tree about three weeks ago. All we could find were “holiday trees.” Then we started to receive cards from all of our friends both here and from Montecito, where we moved from. As the days passed, we longed to receive our first Christmas card. Instead, our post office box was flooded with catalogs and cards wishing us a happy holiday season.Then, it dawned on me. I was suffering from a severe case of political correctness. The Baby Jesus had become the “Holiday Infant,” and Christmas wreaths were now seasonal decorations. Even the volunteer standing outside the grocery store asked me for a holiday donation to help the needy. I felt like screaming, “I only give Christmas donations during the Christmas season to help people celebrate Christmas.” I felt like it but I caved in instead and dropped a few bucks in the bucket.I guess now that I understood the cause of my malaise, I actually felt better. I’m just going to keep celebrating Christmas the way my family has for generations, just with a few more decorations. I can survive being politically incorrect. God help me. Oooops, I didn’t mean to introduce God into this Christmas conversation.I’m not sure if or how you celebrate the holidays but to all of you, from my family and me, we wish you a very merry Christmas.Rod McClainAspen

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In the 50-mile race, three-time Olympian and Aspen bred Simi Hamilton bombed down Fanny Hill to capture the overall men’s title. Hamilton, who , completed the race in a time of 4 hours, 17 minutes, 19 seconds. Nicole Tittensor, from Axtell, Utah, was the first woman to finish the 50-mile race. She had a time of 5:50:11 and placed 14th overall.

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