Something to gag on |

Something to gag on

Dear Editor:

Every so often an Aspen election will give you something to gag on. After reading the latest full-page attack on Mick Ireland ” funded, organized and authored by Marilyn Marks ” I was ready for the Heimlich maneuver. I tried to keep myself from writing this letter for several days but indignation overcame me. Here are some facts for Ms. Marks.

1) Mick Ireland, our thin-as-a-string Buddhist monk of a mayor, is incorruptible, and everybody in Aspen knows it. For the 20 years I’ve known him he’s demonstrated impeccable ethics, a disdain for money, and a commitment to public service.

2) I worked for J.E. DeVilbiss as his campaign manager. I can tell you he’d be rolling over in his grave if he read that ad you put together, using his memory to impugn Mick’s character. J.E. was a judge, he was tough as nails, and he respected and admired Mick more than space here will allow me to tell.

3) Your political advertisement, which claimed to be factual, misstated the applicable conflict of interest requirements for public officials. The law couldn’t be more clear or easy to understand. You should read it.

4) Attacking the record of an Aspen High honor student and art prodigy will not get you elected.

Keep in mind that Ms. Marks is criticizing the mayor for putting the Art Museum question on the ballot so we can vote on it. That’s it.

Instead of smiling for the camera, Ms. Marks could do herself and us a favor by acting more like a dignified candidate for public office and less like a desperate wannabe frantically digging for dirt.

Frank Peters


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