Something to fear? |

Something to fear?

Dear Editor:(This letter was originally addressed to Mick Ireland, Pitkin County commissioner.)When I submitted my letter regarding two concerns which Aspen’s local and resort communities have wrestled with over the last two decades, I expected you, as an elected official, to deal with the two issues and not to attack me personally.Traffic jams, congestion, wormholes and bottlenecks at the roundabout, Buttermilk, schools’ entrances and the S-curves are not a figment of my imagination. They are real. RFTA riders, skiers hoping to get first tracks at the Skico’s four mountains, worker bees and retail shoppers are all affected when stopped in traffic coming and going into town.Mick, you live on the inside or the other side of the roundabout. You do not wrestle with the daily urban traffic grind. You still have the luxury of driving or riding your bike through Aspen’s small ski resort to get where you are going. You did support the “straight shot” across Marolt’s open space as a solution to this not-so-new alert. So why is there fear now?My intention is not to create “Fear Factor” politics and homeland-style security warnings to scare us. It is to request that you, as an elected official, help Aspen City Council make up its mind about what to do with Main Street, mass-transit lanes, S-curves, Cemetery Lane light, roundabout and Truscott light.Aspen is heading into high-tourist season. Do we want people stuck in traffic? Don’t we prefer people get to the mountains for early powder runs, shopping or to dance the night away without a traffic jam between them and their destination?My letter to the school board and elected officials was not to scare anyone with unfounded claims that 236 units at Big Burlingame will force us to build new schools. My letter asked the school board how it was prepared to deal with:• A pending annexation/rezoning of a parcel of agricultural land known as Bar/X Ranch; potentially 236 family units (not homes); bedroom capacity of 800-plus; free-market housing; potentially 35 homes; 90 beds plus.• A referendum-headed Snowmass Base Village; potentially 100,000 square feet of affordable housing; unknown number of beds.• Pending affordable housing at Snowmass rodeo grounds; potentially 30 homes with two-plus bedrooms.• Approved affordable housing, unoccupied at Obermeyer, Little Nell, Dancing Bear, Hyatt Hotel, Burlingame Parcel D.• Pending affordable housing for Shadow Mountain, Smuggler Mountain, Aspen Sanitation District, Lift 1A area.• County’s approved, unoccupied affordable housing at Stillwater, W/J Ranch.• County’s approved, unoccupied free-market housing at W/J Ranch.• Snowmass’ growing family communities in Crossings, Mountain View, Club Commons.Since you reacted so vehemently to Big Burlingame, maybe we do have something to fear.Toni KronbergAspenP.S. You write, “Ms. Kronberg’s fear of families is not a healthy one.” What’s up with that? For 30 years I have taught swimming to those families in Aspen you say I fear. I have hope we can be the best.