Something stinks

Dear Editor:I love a mystery. Three Aspen mysteries that have long intrigued me: 1. What does real science conclude about global warming? 2. Will Aspen real estate always appreciate in the long run? 3. Why has county government, for so long, and so intently, wanted an expensive runway extension, long enough to handle B-767 class aircraft, while at the same time restricting it to aircraft no larger than those presently using it. Mystery No. 3 is solved by reading articles published in both local papers Aug. 27, 2010. During the last 10 years the county has paid numerous consultants millions of dollars; our county manager has served for those 10 years, and claims no input in the hiring of the consultants she is now going to work for.She explains that this is not a conflict of interest – if she does work locally for the county airport, she won’t be representing an outside client in front of the county commissioners. Instead, the county will be her client.Folks, I hate clichs, but you just can’t make this stuff up. I request, no, I believe that we have the right to demand, that the county disclose (publish in this paper) all amounts paid to Jim Trott, J3 Aviation Consultants, Jviation, Barnard Dunkle & Co. and all other consultants receiving funds over the past 10 years.Of course, this won’t happen. Alternately, I beseech some eager reporter to dig into what is a great story. Investigative reporting Pulitzers have been won on subjects involving far less financial and moral capital than this. Mystery solved. Now, what about that global warming?Bruce HansenAspen