Something queer in the courthouse |

Something queer in the courthouse

The Pitkin County BOCC are growth managers who seem to have shut themselves up in a courthouse closet.

They won’t come out and report on the progress they have made in managing and balancing growth so that it pays its own way in public costs. That’s queer.

This is a Smart Growth-managed county and it’s time for an outing. Here’s a brief look at the reason why the BOCC may be hiding in a closet.

In 1976, growth management began, and the county’s resident population was 13,252, its budget was $14 million, it had 21 taxing districts and had 123 employees. In 2000, the population was 14,872, the budget $48 million, there were 41 taxing districts and upwards of 600 county employees.

The BOCC has limited the population growth to 66 residents per year, spent $1.3 million more each year on them and hired 17 new county employees a year to serve them.

Overall, taking care of a county of 13,225 people cost $14 million in 1976; adding 1,647 people cost $34 million more. It took 123 employees to serve 13,252 now it takes 477 more employees to serve those 1,647.

There is something queer in the Courthouse. Why is the BOCC hiding in a closet? Is it to conceal their discretionary spending?

Let’s get the BOCC to come out of the closet and explain how they are managing growth so that it pays its own way in costs that the public can’t seem to afford or control.

Be Brave Comrades.

KNCB Moore


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