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Something out of nothing

I remember back when I was in the Aspen Elementary School, we had a guy named Danny Pool run us through elementary “yoga.” He explained to us that it helped calm us down so we could concentrate on school work after recess.

Then again in the middle school, the physical education coach taught us “yoga” to help stretch us out.

So to all of the people in Aspen that are making yoga out to be a conflict with state and church, where were you then (mid-1970s)? I will answer that with, nowhere to be found, thank you.

And to all the people in Aspen that seem to think yoga is this incredible, almost magical, transformer, I hope you can get on the next fad bandwagon and further your self well-being.

I am not saying I am for or against yoga, not saying yoga is bad or good, rather just saying that yoga isn’t what anyone out there thinks it is.

Mike Marolt

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