Something has to change |

Something has to change

Dear Editor:One of the great ironies of the hurricane tragedy is that while the wealthy brought President Bush up, the poor may bring him down.Can anyone watch the images of the poor of New Orleans, too poor to flee and now reduced to nothing, without feeling ashamed? It is clear that the president did not feel ashamed and neither did members of his Cabinet such as Condaleezza Rice, who spent the first days in New York shopping for shoes and seeing a Broadway show. A friend of mine did improvisational comedy in the Second City company. She was asked to make up a Reader’s Digest title. She thought at once of, “We upped our incomes, and now up yours.”After disasters of this kind there have been political upheavals. The Depression produced the New Deal, for example.Perhaps enough people who have been Bush supporters will now realize that something has to change. A litmus test will be if the Congress goes through with its agenda to make the estate tax cut permanent.Jeremy BernsteinAspen

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