Something fishy at City Hall |

Something fishy at City Hall

Dear Editor:

Election ballots and their facsimiles are public property. This is very obvious to any normal thinking person.

My take on this snafu of attitudes is why did the city fight this all the way and with such vigor that Judge Boyd didn’t even conduct a hearing in open court? Why all the fuss over something so fundamental as open and transparent elections?

Could it be something is very wrong over there at City Hall? Could it be that something happened with the black box voting process that needs to be covered up? Or is it as distasteful and disgusting as a petty dislike of a rival political foe?

If it’s any of these I’m appalled and so should you be. We citizens should be demanding answers from our paid-getting-a-merit-raise-taking-free-European-vacations-on-our-tax-dollar officials.

Glenn Sliva


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