Something fishy about 9/11 |

Something fishy about 9/11

Dear Editor:Regarding letter from Jordan Dann (Letters to the Editor, Aug. 30) – you are on the right track in reference to 9/11 conspiracy. It is not a theory but a fact. I call the U.S. government the New Fascism. As opposed to Hitler who hated Jew, they hate all Americans. “W” (who is just a puppet) and his cronies are ruling America by fear. First, attack America (9/11) then blame another country as a smokescreen to go invade Iraq (of course for the oil). When 9/11 happened I knew there was something fishy about it. I am not alone, many people have figured it out. These are dangerous degenerates who, if not dealt with, will destroy American which is their agenda. They want a dictatorship and they will do whatever it takes. Keep people in fear and you weaken them. They threaten us every day and they are masters of disinformation.What happened to Power to the People? He should have been impeached day one. It is up to us to get rid of these people just like we did with Nixon. They make Nixon look like a saint. “W” came into office illegally and he can leave legally. Because they got away with 9/11 their propaganda continues day after day – even two days ago Rummy called Americans who disagree with him fascists and “W” called us communists. They do not live within a democracy. If it wasn’t so serious it would be funny. Notice how shrill “W” sounds now that he is giving press conference after press conference. He knows we are on to him.Mindy WestonAspen

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