Someone’s confused |

Someone’s confused

(This letter was originally addressed to Bill Schaffer.)Dear Editor:How did you ascertain that my letter or response to Mr. Morgan (The Aspen Times, Sept. 26) was regarding a discussion of civic responsibilities? Perhaps you need to join your buddy and go soak “out of town” over at Strawberry Park Hot Springs.The letter that I wrote was concerned with corruption of the Bush administration and its direct involvement in Enron, the Carlyle Group, Enron Europe (former Aspenite, CEO John Wing), the WMD lies, lies regarding Valerie Plame, the stolen election of 2000, and Aspenites like Fred Malek also involved in the Carlyle Group. Former Attorney General Ramsey Clark has come forward during the recent peace march activities in calling for the impeachment of the president. The only way to really chart a new course after the failed policies of Bush/Cheney is to get new leadership. That’s what my letter was about.Sven AlstromLawrence, Kan. and Aspen

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